WE 26 - Wartburgstr. 51

Composed for a bright future

In design, the fittings and décor are clearly modelled on time-honoured values and shapes – as is shown by the characteristic details in the old building, whether the double-folding frame and panel doors with artistic brass fittings, the polished timber or parquet floors in the living areas, or the original double-sash casement windows.

This contemporary enhancement of the historical is also evident in the refurbished mouldings in the front part of the building and the smooth white walls. A noble clarity brings the historical stylistic elements of the apartments into the present day. Here, tradition and modern design take the stage together.

Modern design plays with past

No. Floor Rooms Size approx. ready for occupation Price View Status
TC1490 Ground floor 2.5 84.00 m² yes 474,000 € Floor plan Exposé Send inquiry
TC1494 Ground floor 2 69.00 m² yes 360,000 € Floor plan Exposé Send inquiry
TC1483 Ground floor 3 84.00 m² yes 448,000 € Floor plan Exposé Send inquiry
TC1495 Ground floor 2 59.00 m² yes 320,000 € Floor plan Exposé Send inquiry
TC1499 Ground floor 2 60.00 m² yes 324,000 € Floor plan Exposé Send inquiry
TC1502 4. floor 2 65.00 m² no 391,000 € Send inquiry
TC1491 5. floor 2 117.00 m² no 664,000 € Send inquiry
TC1496 2. floor 2 59.00 m² no 274,500 € Send inquiry

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